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Plush Carpet

The Plush carpet construction calls for the small tufts to be closely spaced, Plush carpeting is an example of cut pile carpeting that is distinguished by a weave that is smooth and dense. The actual cut of the pile is such that the appearance of the carpet surface gives the impression of being perfectly cut. This type of floor covering is widely available. Recommended for Residential Living Room, Bedrooms and Basements.

Pattern Carpet

Pattern is an important consideration when choosing a carpet and there are many reasons to give it special attention. It can hide a multitude of spills, spots and wear. Pattern adds detail to a room, whether it’s geometric, floral or a simple check. It also brings character and complexity to the overall design and is very common in multiple colors and yarn types on Long Island and NYC commercial carpets. Recommended for Residential Living Room, Bedrooms and Basements.

Berber Carpet

The most customary use of the term Berber is when it is used to describe loop carpets. A loop carpet is a type of construction that is created when the yarn is tufted into the backing and left uncut there are some variations in loop carpeting as well, such as level loops, meaning that the loops are all one height, and patterned loops, which are created when the loops are varying heights. Recommended for Residential Family Rooms, Basements, and Stairs & Hallways.

Loop Carpet

The carpet fibers are looped like Berber and some of the fibers are cut to form a pile. There is much more variety in the styling of cut and loops. Current styles include small square- or diamond-shaped patterns, made by having the outline of the shape contrast the actual shape or pin dot styles: a short, cut-pile carpet that features several tight loops grouped together at small intervals. Recommended for Residential Stairs, Hallway, Family Room or Home Office.